Steam Deck: you can repair your console on your own with these spare parts and 3D plans

At a time when all manufacturers more or less lock down their smartphones, tablets, PCs and consoles, Valve has just teamed up with iFixit to make the Steam Deck easily repairable.

Image 1: Steam Deck: you can repair your console on your own with these spare parts and 3D plans

Valve has officially partnered with iFixit to sell repair and replacement parts for its Steam Deck game console (as well as its Valve Index VR headset). The company has also hinted that it may partner with “other specialist third-party repair service providers” to sell certain spare parts for its console.

In a blog post and YouTube video, iFixit, the company that helps people perform repairs on their devices, also offers detailed images of the Steam Deck’s internal components. As a reminder, Steam Deck consoles will ship from the end of February.

Valve agrees to sell spare parts for the Steam Deck and makes the 3D files available

Today, Valve has therefore made iFixit the very first authorized seller of parts for its game console and VR headset. But there will be more in the future, as announced by the group. The battery, screen and buttons will obviously be the most requested components, but console designer Lawrence Yang reportedly informed Sean Hollister of The Verge that the two companies were in the midst of development and that details to come.

Valve also released the CAD files of the Steam Deck shells. This means that any enthusiast with the right hardware can now 3D print custom cases and accessories for their game console.

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All Steam Deck disassembly videos demonstrate the ease of opening the console. All it takes is three screws to easily replace each controller, or a single screw and a slip-on EMI shield to replace the SSD. Needless to add, this is great news for buyers, especially if they plan to purchase the base variant and then swap out the pre-installed SSD for a new one with higher capacity.

As you can see in the video below, the Steam Deck is extremely easy to disassemble. Apart from a few details, everything is accessible, and in this sense, iFixit gave it a score of 7 out of 10 in repairability.

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