Steam Deck: already a drift problem, here’s how to fix it

The Steam Deck is barely out that players are already reporting a drift problem, the right joystick doing as it pleases. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to solve the problem.

Steam DeckSteam Deck © Valve

After a two-month delay, the first Steam Decks are finally starting to ship since February 28. Players were therefore able to tame it by launching games compatible with the Valve console. But some had the unpleasant surprise of being confronted with a drift problem while the machine is living its first hours.

A real scourge on the Nintendo Switch, this malfunction causes an unexpected movement of the character or the cursor even when the player does not operate the joystick. In the case of the console from Valve, it would fortunately not be a hardware problem. A member of the team in charge of the Steam Deck, Lawrence Yang reacted quickly on Twitter. According to him, the drift comes from a “calibration problem of the dead zone” which would have been incorrectly calibrated following a recent firmware update.

Drift on the Steam Deck: Valve quickly deploys a fix

Therefore, a patch has already been deployed. Just update your console to benefit from it. So go to the settings, section System > Software update and install the most recent update. This should allow you to solve the drift that appeared on your Steam Deck.

“Valve has released a firmware update and I can confirm that it has fixed the problem on the right joystick”, welcomes KimJongThorse on Reddit. Valve’s responsiveness was in any case appreciated by the community. Some gamers are less enthusiastic, however, believing that the joystick is now less responsive. “It looks like they have increased the radius of the dead zone by default (…) It looks like a panic solution in order to avoid negative reactions”, points out thekingofthejungle, still on Reddit.

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In the event of a major hardware issue, Steam Deck repair and replacement parts are available through Valve’s partnership with iFixit. 3D plans are also easily accessible.

Source: Reddit

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