PS5: The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima 2… leaks reveal the future excluded

According to two leakers, the PlayStation 5 will soon be entitled to several notable exclusives. A second part of Ghost of Tsushima would have been validated. And Sony is also reportedly planning to launch new iterations of The Last of Us in anticipation of a third installment.

Ellie in The Last of UsEllie in The Last of Us – Credit: Naughty Dog

What does Sony have in store for happy PS5 owners? While the last The Last of Us was released two years ago, Naughty Dog is not about to launch a third opus. But according to information from leaker Tom Henderson, who is generally well known, several titles based on the franchise are “almost completed and could be released in late 2022, early 2023”. The informant, however, does not specify their nature.

If we trust previous rumors, a remake of the first title would be particularly planned. A way to properly accompany the release of the HBO series on Last of Us which should tumble next year. What’s more, a multiplayer Last of Us game is also in the works, as confirmed by Naughty Dog through a job posting.

Ghost of Tsushima 2: the big maneuvers would have begun

Besides, Sucker Punch aficionados can rub their hands. According to the indiscretions of leaker AccountNGT, the studio would have received Sony’s approval to launch the construction site of Ghost of Tsushima 2. Either the sequel to the open world action title plunging players into feudal Japan, struggling with the Mongols. As a reminder, Ghost of Tsushuma was a big commercial success. Indeed, eight million units have been sold, welcomed Sony at the last CES. Capitalizing on this success therefore seems more than logical.

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Moreover, the leaker also evokes the future arrival of a new part of the Infamous series, the open world superhero game. A new episode Sly Cooper, the title of platforms featuring a sassy raccoon, is also said to be in the works. So many franchises that are highly appreciated by the community. Obviously, all this information is unofficial and must therefore be considered with due regard.

According to my own sources, there are a couple of TLOU projects that are near completion and could release by the end of 2022/Early 2023.

I’d expect to hear about these projects soon if they were to release this holiday period.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) February 23, 2022

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