Nintendo Switch: missions and rewards added to Online mode

Nintendo Switch Online is getting better. Nintendo has just announced the implementation of a new system, “Missions and Rewards”, which would almost recall the Steam achievement system. The goal is however very simplistic since it is generally enough to play your games to earn My Nintendo points.

Missions and RewardsMissions and Rewards © Nintendo

Nintendo has just announced the addition of the “Missions and Rewards” system to the Nintendo Switch Online, the hybrid console subscription to play online. A way for the Japanese firm to offer (small) gifts to its players, in exchange for their regularity. We explain the novelty here.

Nintendo wants to thank its regular players with Missions and Rewards

The concept of Missions and Rewards is simplistic: you keep using Nintendo Switch Online as you usually do, and the case is in the bag. Simply keep playing (online) or NES/SNES games to collect valuable My Nintendo points. You will find the list of “missions” to do in the Missions and Rewards tab, from the application dedicated to Nintendo Switch Online.

Once your millions of My Nintendo points are in your pocket, you can redeem them for… Magnificent wallpapers on Nintendo’s website. But also, if you are very diligent, some physical objects taken from the firm’s store, which can be found at

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But that’s not all. As detailed by the company, these points will also allow you to recover elements in order to to create new user icons. You know, the one that appears at the top left of your home menu, which people see when you’re online. You can therefore recover framesfrom characters and some background elements to use to customize your personal icon.

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Each week will see its franchise in the spotlight. Until April 3, for example, the system will reward you with items taken from Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Want to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online? We give you all the information here.

Source: Nintendo

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