Minecraft: he succeeds in crafting the Infinity Sword, the ultimate sword in PvP

A Minecraft mod allows you to make the Infinity Sword, an overpowered sword that inflicts a lot of damage with extraordinary abilities. The American youtubeur SSundee shared in video the process to craft this sword.

The content of Minecraft is almost limitless. The legendary sandbox players have created tens of thousands of mods that add content, change gameplay, etc. Fans often recreate worlds inspired by video games or films such as the RPG which is played within a reproduction of Hogwarts or the map of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The Blade of the Conqueror sword that deals massive damageThe Blade of the Conqueror sword that deals huge damage – Credit: SSundee / YouTube

American YouTuber SSundee regularly shares Minecraft videos with his community. He is currently using the “Insane Craft” modpack. In Minecraft, modpacks are actually compilations of mods on a particular theme. Players can also download and install a modpack instead of downloading and installing hundreds of individual mods. Insane Craft is thus one of the most popular modpacks of the moment with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The Infinity Sword is the perfect sword to play in PvP

With its 250 different mods, Insane Craft also allows you to obtain the 6 Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe and become Thanos himself. As you will have understood, the possibilities of playing with Minecraft mods are almost endless. Faced with the power of his friends in the game server, SSundee tried to create the Infinity Sword, an overpowered sword from mod. He shared in the YouTube video below the process to craft this sword.

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The Infinity Sword, its real name “Blade of the Conqueror” is not so easy to make. Indeed, you have to collect all the necessary materials and create intermediate swords to complete all the manufacturing steps. Players must also beat particularly intense and difficult mini-games to craft this sword.

The Infinity Sword has excellent abilities to fighting against other players in PvP mode. It deals 60% of the target’s health as true damage, which is very impressive. The sword also has superior abilities such as the ability to hit the ground to create a shock wave or inflict 300% health in the form of damage.

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