If Elden Ring Was A PS1 Game, This Is What It Would Look Like

Freshly released, Elden Ring has already had the right to its PS1-style demake. A YouTuber has edited footage of the game so that its graphics match the PlayStation standards of yesteryear.

Image 1: If Elden Ring was a PS1 game, this is what it would look likeElden Ring: PS1 vs PS5 – Credit: Hoolopee / FromSoftware

After a long development started in 2017, FromSoftware has finally delivered its latest baby. Released on February 25, Elden Ring is not unanimous, however, between the praise of the specialized press and the mixed opinions of some players. Technical problems were particularly pointed out. While waiting for a fix worthy of the name, we invite you to take a leap into the past by discovering this successful demake of the RPG.

While technical progress has been exponential since the release of the PS1 in 1994, videographer Hoolopee wondered what the game would look like if it had been released at the time on the first PlayStation of the name. He thus reworked the images by greatly reducing the quality of the graphics. The result is an enticing teaser that would have certainly hit the mark with gamers of the 90s.

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PlayStation 1-style Elden Ring

Significantly, Hoolopee managed to retain the singular dark fantasy atmosphere of Elden Ring, scripted by George RR Martin, the illustrious writer behind Game of Thrones. And in order to highlight the glaring differences between the PS5 version and the PS1 demake, Hoolopee also took the time to make a montage putting the two versions in parallel. Look :

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As you will have understood, the YouTuber did not produce a complete demake of Elden Ring, contenting himself simply with remixing a few images. But such a retro port could very well be developed in the future in order to satisfy those nostalgic for the PlayStation 1. Still on the side of FromSoftware, a PS1 demake of Bloodborne is now available for download thanks to the colossal work of Lilith Walther. The opportunity to dive back into the bowels of the 2015 game in a 640×480 pixel version.

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