How to use a computer type microphone with a guitar amp

You can directly plug a microphone into an acoustic guitar amp, but not electric guitar amps. To plug a microphone into an electric guitar amp, it first needs to go through a multi-effects pedal or suitable preamp.

You asked, how do I connect my microphone to my amp?

  1. Insert the XLR to 1/4-inch cable into the XLR connection port on the bottom of the microphone.
  2. Plug the free 1/4-inch cable into the 1/4-inch end of the adapter.
  3. Connect the available end of the 1/4-inch cable into the “Line-In” port on the front of the amplifier.

Likewise, what kind of microphone should you use to record a guitar amplifier? The most common microphone used to record a guitar amplifier is a dynamic mic. These mics are designed to withstand extremely high SPL, which is great because guitar amplifiers can be very loud, and many players like to play them loud.

Considering this, can you plug a mic and a guitar into one amp? You need an adapter jack. Basically you plug it into the input on the amp and then the other side of the jack will have two inputs. one for the guitar, the other for the microphone so yes, it can work.

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Best answer for this question, how do I connect my guitar amp to my computer? You can connect your guitar amp to your computer if the amp has a line-out or headphone socket. Connect the amp’s line-out/headphone to an input on your computer’s audio interface. Some amps also have a USB connection, which can output audio directly into the computer via a USB cable.

Can you plug a dynamic mic into a guitar amp?

The short answer to this question is that yes, you can use a microphone with a guitar amp but the quality will not be ideal.

Can you plug a mic directly into an amp?

So yes, a microphone can often be plugged directly into a powered speaker amp and work just fine. To properly plug a microphone into a powered speaker, plug the microphone into the mic input of the speaker.

Can I plug guitar into mic input?

If your computer has audio input jacks, you cannot directly plug your electric guitar into it and you must use an audio interface. If you try to plug your guitar directly into your computer’s mic or line-in input jacks using an adapter, you risk damaging your guitar or your computer.

How do I connect my Shure microphone to my amp?

Can you record acoustic guitar with a dynamic mic?

If your dynamic mic is omnidirectional, you would do well to place your mic about 1 foot from your acoustic guitar’s sound hole, and slightly towards the fretboard, like this… … Because the mic is omni, it will pick up not just the guitar sound, but the room sound as well.

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What mic is best for recording acoustic guitar?

  2. sE Electronics X1A Condenser Microphone.
  4. sE Electronics SE2200 Condenser Microphone.
  5. Lewitt LCT 441 Flex Compact Condenser Microphone.

How do you mic a guitar amp with a SM57?

Can you use a condenser mic on a guitar amp?

Recording an electric guitar amp: mic technique So, onto the recording… As previously stated, for the average home studio user, you’ll be recording with one large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic. … That’s because it can be used for vocals, guitar amps, acoustic guitars and hundreds of other instruments as well.

How do I connect my guitar mic to one jack?

What is a XLR microphone?

An XLR mic is an analogue microphone and is connected to a recording device or mixer via an XLR cable (pictured).

How do I connect my guitar amp to my laptop?

Connect your guitar and pre-amp to your laptop. Plug the opposite end of the guitar cable into the pre-amp’s input port. Insert a USB, Firewire, or Optical cable into your pre-amp’s USB or Firewire out port. Plug the other end of this cable into your laptop’s USB or Firewire in port.

Can I use my amp as an audio interface?

Summary. Yes, you can plug an amp in an audio interface, provided the amp has a line out. It is advisable to connect the line out to the line input on the audio interface. Also, keep the speaker cabinet connected if you are using an amp head.

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Do you need an amp with a microphone?

The microphone itself does not need an amplifier. Whatever speaker is being used to broadcast the signal from the microphone is what needs the amplifier. A mic is, in essence, a diaphragm that converts sound wave pressure into an electrical signal.

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