How to tell if a sm58 shure microphone is fake?

Likewise, are there fake Shure SM58? Quite simply, if there isn’t one, the mic is likely a fake. As you can see from the above images, the real SM57 and SM58 boxes have an additional barcode at the top of the end panel, under which sits the serial number (S/N); the counterfeit boxes have no serial numbers.

Also, are there fake Shure microphones? It is true. There are Shure counterfeit products being sold on the Internet and in stores. … Some counterfeit products are such good copies that they must be examined by experts at Shure to ascertain that they are indeed counterfeit.

Also the question is, do Shure microphones have serial numbers? There is no serial number on the SM58 microphone nor on most Shure microphones. There is a serial number on the outside of the box that the SM58 comes in. There is a “date code” of two letter combinations inside the microphone.

Quick Answer, how can I check my Shure serial number? For receivers and mixers, the serial number is found on a label on the top or bottom of the unit. For headphones, the serial number is found on a label beneath the ear cushion. Earphones and most wired mics do not have serial numbers on the products.I know Shure manufactures its products in Mexico and China. Are the same quality and reliability standards used for each factory? Absolutely. All Shure manufacturing facilities are ISO (International Standards Organization) certified annually.

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How can you tell a fake Shure Beta 58a microphone?

How can you tell a fake Shure se215?

Is Shure mic USA legit?

The only Shure website in the U.S. that sells Shure products is Any other website in the U.S. purporting to be an official Shure company website and offering Shure products for purchase may be a fake website designed to steal consumer credit card information.

Are Shure microphones made in China?

Are Shure products made in China? Shure products are made in Mexico and China. Every year, all Shure manufacturing sites are ISO (International Standards Organization) certified. Each facility is designed from the start with robust processes and product quality documentation.

How can you tell a real Shure microphone?

How old is sm58?

Shure’s 50-year-old SM58 is the best selling microphone in the world — something that can be said of very few professional audio products. This year, Shure is offering a special commemorative edition of the microphone to celebrate the anniversary.

How do you fix a Shure sm58?

How long do Shure repairs take?

You will need to pay for shipping to Shure. Shure will pay for shipping back to you. How long does it take to get my earphones repaired? Up to 15 business days, not including shipping times.

How do I register for Shure products?

You can register your Shure products by logging in or creating an account then registering your product. Attach your purchase receipt while filling out the registration form to validate your warranty.

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Is SM58 a mono?

The Shure SM58 is a mono microphone. It’s probably plugged into input 1 of the M-Audio Fast Track and input 2 has nothing plugged into it. Therefore you should get a signal on the left channel and silence on the right channel if you record in stereo.

What does SM58 stand for?

#1 The “SM” in SM58 stands for “Studio Microphone.” This led to the development of the SM microphone series. The SM57 (1965) and SM58 (1966) were based on the popular Unidyne® III 545 (1959) used for public address systems.

Is Shure a Chinese company?

Shure Incorporated is an American audio products corporation. It was founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois, in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits. … The company also manufactures listening products, including headphones, high-end earphones, and personal monitor systems.

How can you tell a fake Shure se535?

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