How to setup checks default printer for a user on sap b1?

  1. Highlight the printer you want to select.
  2. Go to menu “File”
  3. Click on “Set as Default Printer

Best answer for this question, how do I set a default printer in SAP b1?

  1. Open SAP and log in.
  2. In the Transaction Code text box enter su3, then click the checkmark to the left.
  3. Click the Defaults tab.
  4. Under the Spool control section, select the OutputDevice, then click the Pick List icon to the right of the text box.

Beside above, how do I set a default printer in SAP?

  1. Follow the menu path System > User Profile > Own Data.
  2. Select the Defaults tab.
  3. In the Spool Control section, locate the Output Device field, and enter your preferred SAP print queue.
  4. Click on the Save icon to save your changes (looks like a floppy disk).

Quick Answer, how do I change the default printer for all users? To choose a default printer, select the Start button and then Settings . Go to Devices > Printers & scanners > select a printer > Manage. Then select Set as default. If you have Let Windows manage my default printer selected, you’ll need to deselect it before you can choose a default printer on your own.

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Also know, how do I change print layout in SAP b1? From the SAP Business One Main Menu, open the required document or report, for example, Sales → A/R → Sales Order. 2. In the displayed window, choose Tools ® Print Layout Designer. Alternatively, choose in the toolbar.From any screen in SAP click on System. In the System menu, hover on User Profile and then click Own Data. On the Main User Profile screen, click the Defaults tab. In the Spool Control Section: For Output Device, type: LOCL Print Immediately: Check this.

How do I check printer status in SAP?

  1. Select the spool request and click the Output requests pushbutton.
  2. Select the print request and click the Display log pushbutton to get the Spool: Display Error Log screen.
  3. To expand the information in the log, click the More info pushbutton repeatedly.

What is SAP LOCL?

LOCL is stands for local printer which is the printer that have been installed and configured in your computer.

What is SAP SU3?

SU3 is a transaction code used for Maintain Users Own Data in SAP. … When we execute this transaction code, SAPMSUU0O is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

How do I setup a PDF printer in SAP?

  1. Navigate to Transaction SPAD.
  2. Configuration -> Output Devices.
  3. Output Devices -> Create.
  4. First, you’ll want to set the name.
  5. For the Device Type, you’ll need to select a PDF printer.
  6. Next you’ll need to select the correct Spool server.
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How do I set a default printer for all users in Windows 2016?

  1. Click on Tasks, and select Edit Properties.
  2. Select Client Settings and uncheck the Use the client default printing device option.

How do I change my default printer in Windows 10?

  1. Touch or click Start.
  2. Touch or click Control Panel.
  3. Touch or click Devices and Printers.
  4. Touch and hold or right-click the printer.
  5. Touch or click Set as default printer.

Why can’t I set my printer as default?

Open Settings by pressing the Windows key + I. Select Devices in Settings. Next, click Printers & scanners on the left of the window. Deselect the Allow Windows to manage my default printer option.

How do I change print format in SAP?

On the SAP screen, press CTRL + P and you will get below screen. Click on Properties. Double click on Format and you will see the Other Properties “Format” field below. From the Other Properties “Format”, you can select and define the default format of the printer.

How do I print an invoice in SAP b1?

  1. In SAP Business One Main Menu, choose one of the Module → select Document Printing.
  2. In the Document Printing – Selection Criteria window, choose the document type to be printed, and filter by date, series, and printing status.
  3. Clicked ‘OK’

How do you create a layout in SAP b1?

  1. Open SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One.
  2. Go To File -> New -> Blank Report .
  3. Create a New connection for SAP Business One.
  4. Open the connection goto B1Tables -> Category and select the tables as shown below and say OK.
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What is print immediately in SAP?

SAP generally prints the spool based on the OUTPUT IMMEDIATELY condition as a default. For the Users, who want to print all the forms by default, they can select Output immediately in User Settings.

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