How to set up line chat show microphone talk to type?

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon. Settings. then tap “Language & input” or “Language & keyboard”.
  2. From the On-screen keyboard, tap. Google Keyboard/Gboard. .
  3. Tap. Preferences. .
  4. Tap the. Voice input key switch. to turn on or off .

Amazingly, how do I get my talk to text microphone back?

You asked, where are my talk to text settings? Open your device’s Settings app . Select Accessibility, then Text-to-speech output. Choose your preferred engine, language, speech rate, and pitch. Note: The default text-to-speech engine choices vary by device.

Likewise, how do I add talk to text?

  1. Make sure that you have a working microphone built in to your device or connected externally.
  2. In Chrome Browser, choose an option: Create a new document.
  3. Place your cursor where you want the text.
  4. Click Tools. Voice typing.
  5. Click Speak. and speak your text.
  6. When you’re finished, click Speak .
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Best answer for this question, how do I turn on voice typing in Word shortcut? Then, use the keyboard shortcut “Windows Key + H” and Dictate will begin listening for your voice. Instead of typing the email on your keyboard, you can dictate your messages into a message window. Now you can start using Dictate in Microsoft to craft content and communicate with your voice.

Why is my microphone not working on my text messages?

Look under Accessibility > Text-to-speech output. Ensure you have “Google Text to Speech” selected and the correct language. Note that Speaking Email won’t use Samsung or other vendor voices – so you need to enable the Google voices as your default TTS engine. Tap the cog next to Google TTS Engine.

Why did my microphone disappear on my text messages?

Go to settings – language & input – Gboard – preferences and make sure that ‘voice input key’ is enabled. Welcome to the forum. Clearing the data and cache for the keyboard app may help.

Where is the microphone icon on my keyboard?

On keyboard, long tap the key in the left side of Space bar. You should see the Microphone icon displayed in the pop up menu as one of available option.

How do I enable voice to text on my iPhone?

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.
  2. Turn on Enable Dictation.

How do I set up talk to text on my iPhone?

  1. Open the application you’d like to send text from; for example, the iPhone’s Mail app or Messages.
  2. Tap on a text field and, instead of typing, tap the microphone icon next to the space bar.
  3. Speak the message you’d like to send out loud.
  4. Tap the “Done” button when finished.
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How do I turn on the microphone on my iPhone for messages?

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings. General. Keyboard. .
  2. Tap the. Enable Dictation switch. to turn on or off . When turning on, tap. Enable Dictation. to confirm. When turning off, tap. Turn Off Dictation. to confirm.

How do I turn on voice to text on my Samsung keyboard?

Tap Settings > General management > Language and input. Tap On-screen keyboard > Manage keyboards. Tap the Google voice typing slider to turn on.

How do I turn my Microphone back on?

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Tap App Permissions.
  4. Tap Microphone.
  5. Toggle all the apps listed to the green switch. If you only want to enable the microphone on some apps, choose to toggle them accordingly.

How do I dictate punctuation on my iPhone?

Speak punctuation and symbols: To include punctuation in your dictation, you need to say “comma,” “period,” “hyphen,” and so on. Watch out for language differences. For instance, if you’re using British English, you need to say “full stop” instead of “period.”

How do I turn on the microphone on my Apple Watch for messages?

On your iPhone, go to: Settings > General > Siri – check that this is enabled. On your Apple Watch: When creating a message or replying to one, tap the Microphone button, dictate what you want to say, then tap on Done.

Why is there a microphone icon on my iPhone?

Question: Q: Microphone icon appeared on iphone It appears you have Voice Control enabled. That’s the icon that lets you know it’s active. Settings>Accessibility>Voice Control.

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How do I get talk to text on my Samsung?

If you have a Samsung device, your voice to text feature may be powered by Samsung voice input. To get here, go to your Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Samsung voice input.

How do I voice text on my Samsung Galaxy s10?

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