How to get your avatar to not follow your mouse second life?

In Firestorm, go to Preferences >>> Firestorm >>> Avatar and set the two sliders at the top to limit horizontal and vertical movement of your av’s head.

Likewise, how do you stop your head from moving in Second Life? ALT-Click on yourself. The will lock your head forward until you refocus your camera on something else.

Also, how do I hide my cursor in Second Life? Click the Options menu and then select Cursor Options. Now select Show Cursor or Hide Cursor.

Also know, how do you change your avatar on Second Life? To change your avatar‘s appearance, right click the avatar and select Appearance. A window will open where every aspect of your appearance can be changed. You can even change your gender so be warned that you can’t assume that the person behind an avatar is necessarily of the same gender!

Beside above, how do I only see my friends on Second Life?

  1. Choose Me > Preferences > Privacy.
  2. Uncheck Show me in Search Results.
  3. Check Only friends and groups know I’m online.
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Press Control/Alt/D (letter D, not Delete) to obtain the Client Menu at the top of your screen, then choose Character… Rebake Textures. Finally go in and out of the Appearances Menu by right clicking on your avatar. This usually clears the problem and makes the textures on your clothes visible again.

How do I stop running in SL?

In Viewer 3, try: Menu Me –> Movement –> Stop animating me. See if that helps. In addition check out if you accidentally enabled the running mode. Click again the “Move” button and select again “Walking Mode”.

How do you shoot a video in Second Life?

  1. Start the recording software.
  2. Log into Second Life.
  3. Use the recording app’s shortcut (or press a button, but it’s slower) to start filming.
  4. Do what you need to in SL: move your avatar and the camera, direct other avatars, etc.
  5. Use the record app’s shortcut to stop filming.
  6. Open your footage (usually an .

How do you record on Second Life?

How do you play a movie on Second Life?

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click Audio & Video tab.
  3. Check Play Streaming Media When Available.

Why is my avatar blue in Second Life?

If your avatar appears discolored or misshapen Go to Me > Preferences > Graphics tab. Click the Advanced button to show additional options. Uncheck Hardware skinning.

What are avatars in Second Life?

Second Life users, also called residents, create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and are able to interact with places, objects and other avatars.

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How do you add people on SL?

In your Second Life, you can add other Residents as “friends” by right clicking on them and choosing “Add Friend” from the pie menu, or accepting their friend offer. Being friends with someone means that: Their name is listed when you click on the “Friend” button on the bottom of the screen.

Why is my avatar GREY on Second Life?

If something goes wrong during this process an avatar will end up without a valid baked texture. Sometimes this means you look gray on your own screen. Sometimes you look OK to yourself, but other people see you as gray. And sometimes your avatar appears with a “missing image” texture wrapped around your body.

Why is my avatar a cloud in Second Life?

In Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, you appear as a particle cloud while your avatar is loading. … This happens when your avatar fails to completely load, which can happen sometimes due to normal network behavior. Often, logging out and logging back in again will resolve the problem.

Why can’t I edit my shape on Second Life?

Some shapes are sold with modify permissions and some are sold no-modify. Presumably you have one of the latter so you can’t edit it.

Why is Firestorm laggy?

Another common cause of lag is your network connection. You may even have a high speed connection, but if you have set your bandwidth too low or too high in Firestorm, you will be causing lag for yourself. Determining the optimal value for bandwidth in Firestorm is explained on on this page.

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Why is Second Life so laggy?

Your PC doesn’t have the resources for the amount of work it needs to do. It’s trying to draw too much, or other programs are stealing time away from it. Close down other programs that are memory hogs or that are trying to do a lot of work. They’re stealing resources from your Second Life viewer.

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