How to fix left click key on mouse pad inspirion 3737?

  1. Go to Start > type ‘device manager’ > double click on Device Manager.
  2. Locate your touchpad drivers > expand the list.
  3. Right click on the driver > select Update driver.
  4. Wait until the process is complete and then restart your computer > check if the problem persists.

In this regard, how do I enable left-click on my Dell touchpad?

  1. Left-click area. Press to left-click.
  2. Touch pad. Move your finger on the touch pad to move the mouse pointer. Tap to left-click and two finger tap to right-click.
  3. Right-click area. Press to right-click.
  4. Power button. Press to turn on the computer if it is turned off, in sleep state, or in hibernate state.

Also know, how do I fix my Dell touchpad button? Within the Control Panel navigate to Hardware and Sound. Then, click on Mouse and Touchpad. Thereafter, click on Additional mouse options and check whether your Laptop Touchpad is active within Mouse Properties. If not, under the tab for Dell Touchpad, click on Enable device and restart your computer.

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Also, how do I fix the keys on my touchpad?

  1. Press the Windows key , type touchpad, and select the Touchpad settings option in the search results.
  2. In the Touchpad window, scroll down to the Reset your touchpad section and click the Reset button.
  3. Test the touchpad to see if it works.

You asked, why is my left click button not working? On Windows 10, head to Settings > Devices > Mouse. Under “Select your primary button,” ensure the option is set to “Left.” On Windows 7, head to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse and ensure “Switch primary and secondary buttons” isn’t checked. The ClickLock feature can also cause strange issues.

How do you unlock the left mouse button?

How do I fix my Dell touchpad not working?

Inside Control Panel, navigate to Hardware and Sound, then click on Mouse and Touchpad. Next, click on Additional mouse options and see whether your Touchpad is enabled inside Mouse Properties. If it isn’t, click on Enable device under the Dell TouchPad tab and restart your computer.

Why can’t I click with my touchpad?

If your touchpad isn’t working, it may be a result of a missing or out-of-date driver. Updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager may help solve the problem. To open Device Manager, type device manager in the search box on the taskbar, then select Device Manager.

How do I reset my Dell laptop touchpad?

Hit Windows+I to open the Settings app. On the main page, click the “Devices” category. On the Devices page, select the “Touchpad” category on the left. On the right, scroll down a bit and then click the “Reset” button under the “Reset Your Touchpad” section.

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How do I enable touchpad buttons?

  1. Press the Windows key , type touchpad, and press Enter . Or, press Windows key + I to open Settings and choose Devices, then Touchpad.
  2. In the Touchpad settings window, click the Touchpad toggle switch to the On position.

How do I fix my touchpad on my Dell laptop Windows 10?

How do you left-click with keyboard?

Clicking with mouse keys Press the divide ÷ or / key then the 5 key to left-click or the minus or – key then the 5 key to right-click. Press the plus or + key then 5 to double-click.

How do I know if my left-click is working?

  1. Slowly, one by one, click and hold different buttons on your mouse.
  2. Check if the correct part of the mouse lights up the picture when pressing a button (or scrolling the wheel).
  3. If all the buttons on the picture light up and no double clicks were detected then your mouse is working properly.

What is the use of left mouse button?

The left button on a mouse is the default button used to click, select, drag to highlight a word and/or object and used as a pointer.

How do I turn off click Lock?

How do I unlock my Dell touchpad?

Look for a Touchpad On/Off toggle. When there is a Touchpad On/Off toggle option: Press the Tab key until the Touchpad On/Off toggle is highlighted (it should have a box around it), and press the Spacebar to enable the touchpad.

How do I enable the touchpad on my Dell keyboard?

  1. Press and hold the Windows ( ) key, and then press the q key.
  2. In the Search box, type Touchpad.
  3. Using the up or down arrows, highlight Mouse & touchpad settings, and then press the Enter key.
  4. Look for a Touchpad On/Off toggle. When there is a Touchpad On/Off toggle option:
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