How to balance game audio and microphone audio for streaming?

In this regard, how do you balance stream volume?

Amazingly, how do I balance audio in OBS?

Also, how do I make my mic sound better on stream?

Likewise, how loud should game audio Be OBS?

If you are using Discord, there are even per-person volume options so you can balance out different members of your team based on their unique microphone characteristics. Right-click a user and use the volume gain slider to increase or decrease the volume of their voices.

How do I make my streaming game louder?

To make a Twitch stream louder when you are watching a stream adjust the volume on Twitch by using the volume meter located in the bottom left corner of the stream you are watching. If this doesn’t work, make sure the volume on your computer or headphones is turned up.

How do I adjust game sound on OBS?

What is dB in OBS?

decibel relative to Full Scale (dBFS) dB is a relative measurement. … However in the end when OBS records or streams the video, the audio will need be below 0 dBFS or the viewer will hear a nasty distortion called clipping (described at this start of this guide).

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What is a limiter OBS?

Limiter. Limiters are used to prevent an audio signal from peaking above 0dB which can cause clipping and distortion. … Threshold: The maximum output level an audio signal can hit, no signal can exceed this level. Release: Because a limiter is a compressor it applies gain reduction to brick-wall the output level.

How do you EQ a microphone for streaming?

How do I make my mic sound better on OBS?

How do I make my mic sound better on Streamlabs?

What is a good DB for streaming?

Conclusion. -14 LUFS will be sufficient for most streaming services.

What DB should Game audio be?

For safety, no peaks should be above -6db. Most video editors agree that the overall audio level of your audio mix (all of your audio combined) should normalized between -10db to -20db. I personally level my videos around -12db with occasional peaks to -8db. The trick here is to stay away from 0db as best you can.

What is a good mic volume?

Levels on your recording device/computer sound editor gauge should jump between −12dB and −6dB, not exceeding −3dB and not going below −18dB when you speak or sing. That’s the universal rule. The final result allows both to amplify the soundtrack if needed or make it quieter without loosing anything critical.

How do I use game chat balance?

Game/Chat balance: These two buttons adjust the mix of game audio versus chat audio. At default, the mix is 50/50, but you can adjust it to anywhere from 100/0 to 0/100. For example, if you want more game volume than chat volume, press the button with the controller icon until you reach the level you want.

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How do I lower the volume on Streamlabs?

What is Razer game chat balance?

Game/Chat Balance For the perfect mix of game and chat volume. Game audio will never overpower your team communication again. With the Game/Chat Balance option available in wireless mode, fine-tune what you hear or simply leave it in the middle for a standard mix.

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