Horizon Forbidden West: this mission was removed from the final game

Horizon Forbidden West players noticed that a mission was removed from the final game. Guerrilla Games showed off this mission with Aloy and a fearsome machine called Defense Strike during State of Play last year.

Horizon Forbidden West East available for ten days on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Players have already had the opportunity to complete it. If you haven’t started it yet, it is recommended to do Horizon Zero Dawn first in order to know the events preceding the plot of Forbidden West.

Aloy facing a Defense Strike in the State of Play trailerAloy facing a Defense Strike in the State of Play trailer – Credit: Sony

A player noticed that the developer Guerrilla Games removed a mission from the final game. Last year, during the State of Play, the developer unveiled 14 minutes of gameplay. The video followed Aloy during a mission in which she had to defeat a fearsome machine, the strike-defense or Tremortusk in English.

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Guerrilla Games has changed the encounter between Aloy and Erend in Horizon Forbidden West

On Reddit, user “u/jmcc84” noticed that “the entire ‘save Erend’ section was cut from the final game. It’s a shame because it looks interesting, and in my opinion a much better first encounter with Erend than how it was done in the final game”. You can watch Aloy’s fight against Defense Strike at 11 minutes and 20 seconds in the State of Play video below. Not only was combat removed from the final game, but cutscenes are also gone.

In fact, Guerrilla Games would have voluntarily demonstrated a “false” mission of the game in order to reveal game mechanics. As another user noted, “this is a massively scripted quest only there to show you as many mechanics and parts of the game as possible in as short a time as possible.” He then added that “this quest was obviously never intended to be part of the game.”

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Additionally, if Guerrilla Games had kept the same mission in the final game, players would have had a feeling of deja vu by repeating the same fifteen minutes of play. Eventually, players were able to discover the entire story of the game for themselves. Guerilla Games is also not the only video game studio to use this technique to reveal part of the gameplay to players without spoiling the story. You should never expect that the scenes and missions revealed in the trailers will all be present in the final versions of the games.

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