Help Ukraine with this pack of 1000 video games, books, comics for less than €10

Necrosoft Games has launched a charity pack to raise funds for beleaguered Ukraine. By paying 10 dollars, you will have access to nearly 1000 video games, board games, books and other creations.

Image 1: Help Ukraine with this pack of 1000 video games, books, comics for less than €10Bundle for Ukraine – Credit: / Necrosoft Games

After the delivery of Starlink stations to Ukraine, solidarity continues to organize to come to the aid of the country besieged by Russia. And development studios are not left out. Necrosoft Games has launched a pack of nearly a thousand video games, tabletop RPGs, books, music, comics. You can get your hands on it by paying $10, but the studio “strongly encourages you to pay above the minimum if you can afford it.”

In detail, 732 creators from all over the world participate in this initiative. All profits will be donated to two associations: International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. The first mentioned provides medical assistance in the region plagued by bombardment. The second is a Ukrainian association that helps children facing the horrors of war, from post-traumatic stress disorder to their rehabilitation at school. Voices of Children has also been actively involved in setting up shelters.

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Bundle for Ukraine: already more than 357,000 dollars raised

As of this writing, more than $357,000 has already been raised, with the ultimate goal of reaching $1 million. On average, participants invested $14.99 to get the pack. The highest contribution is currently $1500.

“The Ukrainian people are under attack. As game developers, we want to create new worlds, not destroy the one we have. That’s why we’ve come together to offer this charity package to help Ukrainians survive this ordeal and thrive after the war is over,” Necrosoft Games points out on the project’s page.

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Regarding the economy, remember that Ukraine produces 70% of the highly purified neon needed to manufacture microcomponents. Which is likely to increase the shortage of chips.


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