Half-Life: a new leaked game thanks to the Steam Deck

A new Half-Life game is in preparation at Valve. The Steam Deck’s free-to-play Aperture Desk Job has leaked a new installment of Half-Life along with other games from Valve that have yet to be announced.

No, this leak does not concern the famous Half-Life 3 that fans have been waiting for for many years. She would still announce a new Half-Life game and other Valve games which have not yet been made official. All of this information comes from Aperature Desk Job, a free game designed specifically for the Steam Deck, Valve’s new console that Gabe Newell delivered in person last month.

Half Life: AlyxHalf-Life: Alyx – Credit: Valve

It was not Aperature Desk Job itself that leaked this valuable information, but its files. It’s not the first time that Valve deliberately leaves unpublished information lying around in their game files. This does not confirm that all the information discovered is true, but it is probably not all false.

Citadel, Half-Life: Alyx 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Source 2, several Valve games are leaking

Aperature Desk Job files contain a lot of information about Valve games. They refer in particular to Citadel, which is a kind of hybrid between a STR and a team FPS with a class system. Citadel has been talked about for some time now. Indeed, Valve News Network creator Tyler McVicker previously announced that this game is like “Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm, an RTS, and Half-Life had a baby.” Citadel should be based on the Half-Life universe by taking gameplay elements from other games.

Additionally, the Steam Deck free game also contains files on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Source 2 and other canceled projects. Regarding the new installment of Half-Life, the files mention a sequel to Half-Life: Alyx. This is a virtual reality game released in 2020, but which can still be played with keyboard and mouse for those who do not have a VR headset. Valve has not yet formalized the second opus, but it could soon do so according to this leak.

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Finally, Aperature Desk Job did not leak a single piece of information about Half Life 3nor on the long-awaited Portal 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. Gamers are eagerly awaiting news on these three games from Valve’s biggest franchises.

Source: Comic Book

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