From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love story

Forbidden Horizon West celebrates its release with street art! The opportunity for a tour of the best works to be found in our streets. Between Mario, Street Fighter and Space Invaders, video games are everywhere!

Image 1: From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love story

Street art rubs shoulders with our lives without you noticing it. Works exhibited in public places by artists aware that this approach can be ephemeral. Between permanent or limited installations, amateurs are spoiled for choice. And sometimes, the video game is invited in street art as with Horizon Forbidden West. To celebrate the release of the title, PlayStation invites itself to different cities in France with a temporary exhibition of artists. The opportunity for a review of these installations not to be missed in the world!

Horizon Forbidden West in the Paris Metro

Sony is celebrating the release of its new Guerilla Games exclusive: Horizon Forbidden West. If publishers do not hesitate to put the package on marketing with a big poster campaign, the title opts for the artistic approach. The studio asked 6 artists to create unique visuals to exhibit in several major cities. Oskunk, Pikanoa, Chek, Star97, Fleur Blume and Kan are present!

It is until 3rd of March that you can admire the street art creations for Horizon Forbidden West at the Saint-Lazare station on the metro platform 3. Marseille and Lilles also benefit from this temporary exhibition. With these original creations, the video game takes a new step in terms of image by turning to creators with a distinct touch. Each of the works offers a unique aesthetic style.

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Horizon Forbidden West is a PS4 and PS5 exclusive, the Pro version of which delivers its first details, taking place after Horizon Zero Dawn. The action-adventure game (with a hint of RPG) puts you in the shoes of Aloy in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. Among the machines, it will be necessary to explore unexplored places between icy climate and tropical water. A beautiful journey in perspective.

Mario and Donkey Kong in the streets of Paris

Image 8: From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love storyMario and Donkey Kong invite themselves to Parisian walls – Credit: Jace

If you are in Paris, 59 rue du Moulinet in the 13th arrondissement may be for you. Especially if you like Mario. The artist Jace paid tribute to the famous Nintendo character with a fresco reproducing Donkey Kong, the emblematic game of the 80s. We find all the codes of the title between the platforms and the different stages.

Ladders, barrels or even the princess held back by the great ape are on the agenda. The artist based in Réunion is used to traveling around the world to create his street works.

Space Invaders is coming around the world!

If you open your eyes wide, you have surely noticed the wall mosaics with the image of Space Invaders in a big city. This is the work of a French street artist soberly named Invader. The latter draws his inspiration from the 1978 hit, a monument to video games, to design his universe.

On its site, there are 4000 installations worldwide!

Leon Keer’s trompe l’oeil Pac-Man

Image 9: From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love storyCredit: Leon Keer

Pac-Man, as with Space Invaders, is an icon of the video game world. Inevitably, street art takes hold of this ubiquitous character in popular culture. Among them, Leon Keer. A street artist specializing in anamorphism: works based on an optical illusion in the form of a trompe l’oeil. His creation celebrating Pac-Man is a perfect example!

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Street Fighter crosses paths with Muhammad Ali

Image 10: From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love storyCredit: Combo

It is a great classic located in Paris. French Combo staged a Street Fighter street art in which Ryu is knocked out by… Mohamed Ali! A way to tap into video games and popular culture to create a unique work for everyone, for free.

Paper Mario invites itself to the walls of our cities

Image 11: From Mario to Horizon: street art and video games, a love storyCredit: Trust iCON

Mario street art is a must. Many works are born on our walls and not all of them hold our attention. Trust iCON has made the bold choice to opt for a Paper Mario-style representation of the plumber. Inevitably, it catches a little more in the eye!

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