Elden Ring: your controller does not connect? Try these solutions

The PC version of the Elden Ring game is having quite a few issues. Framerate, slowdown and crash issues have already been reported by the community, strongly impacting the game’s rating on Steam. But if you have trouble connecting your controller to play it, you can try these solutions.

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While the first opinions on Elen Ring fell yesterday, now the PC version of Souls-like from FromSoftware meets some problemsmainly for recognize controllers given the first feedback, all the controllers seem to be impacted, however varying from one controller to another, from one PC to another, etc.

Indeed, dozens of players on the game’s official subreddit, in the game’s Steam forums, as well as yours truly have come up against lots of connection issuesespecially for Microsoft’s official Xbox controller.

Your controller bug with Elden Ring? Try these solutions

Nobody knows for sure what is causing the problem yet, but many players are unable to get their controller to work on Elden Ring. We have tested several controllers and the results vary from one to another. The classic wired Xbox One controller, for example, didn’t seem to work, while another, a recent Xbox Series X wireless controller (the Carbon Black), didn’t have any issues.

A first solution is to remove Vjoya virtual joystick program used to install controller drivers for steering wheels or joysticks, especially for fighting games.

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On a separate note, Reddit user anilisfaitnesto claims that enabling mods Xbox Setup Support and Generic Setup Support can do the trick. These settings can be found in Steam > Settings (or Preferences) > General Control Settings.

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You can also try to unplug your mouse and keyboard before launching the game, as Elden Ring may only recognize the first connected item. On Reddit, a user also claims that the keypad he had plugged in interfered with Elden Ring’s detection of its controller. Unplugging the Bluetooth dongles from our mouse and keyboard worked, for example.

If you have found other solutions, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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