Elden Ring x Frozen: a player has come across an unusual easter egg

An Elden Ring player has discovered what strongly resembles an easter egg from La Reine des Neiges and more particularly from the famous song Liberated, delivered, or Let It Go in its original version.

Elden Ring has only been out for ten days, but players are already discovering easter eggs. FromSoftware notably concealed a Game of Thrones easter egg. This is not surprising since the author George RR Martin at the origin of the literary saga contributed to the development of Souls-like.

Elden RingElden Ring – Credit: FromSoftware

A player thinks they have found another easter egg in Elden Ring which is this time a reference to Frozen and more specifically to the song Liberated, delivered. called Let It Go in original version, this famous song is known all over the world. According to this easter egg, the lyrics were taken from Elden Ring.

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This armor from Elden Ring would be a nod to the song Liberated, delivered

Elden Ring gamers probably aren’t the audience Disney was targeting with Frozen, but FromSoftware has a sense of humor. On Reddit, user “u/sepisepsep” shared the screenshot of Blaidd’s armor that he got.

According to the armor description, the wolf skin serves as a cape to protect against the cold. FromSoftware also states that “Blaidd was Ranni’s blade, but the cold still bothered him”. This easter egg works best in the English version of Elden Ring. Indeed, the description of the armor explains that “the cold bothered him anyway”. In English, the song Let It Go ends with this phrase precisely.

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Also, in the Disney movie, Elsa takes off her cape when she sings these lyrics. Blaidd’s armor in Elden Ring with his wolfskin cape is therefore most likely a nod to Frozen. In any case, it amuses the players. Finally, the open world of Elden Ring is so vast that there are probably still secrets and easters to be discovered. Elden Ring is such a success that George RR Martin congratulated himself on it. The Souls-like could well impose itself as one of the best games of all time.

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