Elden Ring: what is the best class to start in this Souls-like?

It’s D-Day. Elden Ring is available on consoles and PC. True to FromSoftware’s reputation, Souls-like is unforgivable. The difficulty is felt from the first boss. But then, what is the best class to choose for beginners?

Elden Ring is out today on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game continues in the tradition of FromSoftware’s famous RPGs like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Demon’s S and Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. True Souls-like, Elden Ring puts players to the test. The difficulty of the game already acclaimed by the press and the first players is felt from the first boss, almost impossible to defeat on the first try.

Elden Ring is availableElden Ring is available – Credit: FromSoftware

Like Dark Souls, players must choose their character’s class at the start of Elden Ring. In total, 10 classes are available : the Hero, the Bandit, the Astrologer, the Warrior, the Prisoner, the Confessor, the Samurai, the Destitute, the Wanderer and the Prophet. Which class offers the best early game advantages for newcomers to the genre?

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Start Elden Ring with the Vagabond, a solid, powerful and balanced class

If you have never touched a Souls-like before and Elden Ring is your first experience, the Vagabond class is highly recommended. Similar to the Knight class in Dark Souls, the Drifter offers a lot of early game strength and toughness. It allows you to inflict decent damage, but more importantly absorb enemy attacks.

The Drifter in the Elden RingThe Drifter in Elden Ring – Credit: FromSoftware

The Vagabond is, overall, a good all-around class with 15 Stamina, 14 Strength, 11 Toughness, and 13 Dexterity at the beginning. You can have a varied playstyle with different weapons. As long as you don’t plan to specialize in spells, the Wanderer is a great class to start with.

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With the Wanderer, you start Elden Ring at level 9 with a longsword, a shield (shield) and a halberd. This class has the best starting shield and armor compared to the others. However, the main flaw is that the Vagabond is overloaded from the start. It is therefore better to remove one of the two weapons to reduce the load and increase your character’s mobility. You will actually need to do quick rolls to avoid dying repeatedly. Of course, Elden Ring doesn’t get easy when playing with the Drifter, but the experience is a little less punishing.

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