Elden Ring: the press praises it, the players knock it off, who’s right?

A new triple AAA that disappoints, especially in terms of optimization on PC. Despite the almost perfect scores from all of the international specialized press, the title of FromSoftware is rotting on Steam by the players. And it is strict.

Elden RingElden Ring © FromSoftware

“But do journalists really test the game, frankly? rightly wonders a user on Steam, who gives his (negative) opinion on Elden Ring. Indeed, after Battlefield 4, Battlefield 5, Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk 2077 and many others, it is therefore the turn of FromSoftware’s new game to follow the fashion of failed launches on PC.

Almost 24 hours after release, the game is showing up on Steam with “average” ratings. In question : totally strawberry optimization. However, the reviews of the specialized press on Elden Ring are rave reviews, even placing the game in the top one of the best games of all time on Metacritic. PC players meanwhile, hammer it: a fix is ​​needed, and fast.

The growl of gamers is heard on Steam

Just take a quick look at the Elden Ring reviews on Steam to see what’s going on. “For the moment the game is very unplayable and suffers from many technical problems” indicates Lucien Wittwer. This user regrets the presence of big drops in FPS, lag, freeze, popping, tearing, stuttering and a lot of clipping, especially on grass. “Technically very late,” he adds.

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But he is not alone. “Framerate is choppy, clipping, hitboxes are the worst in the series and two crashes in less than 4 hours. This makes the game difficult to play” regrets Otreshoz. ” It’s been the fashion for a few years to release unfinished games. Tell us, we have nothing against early access, but BE CLEAR! he curses, rightly.

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Issues that aren’t just about optimization

Other users regret the few settings on PC, another fad among some developers. In the batch of remarks: no support for 21/9, a cap at 60 frames per second, keys impossible to reprogram, the HDR mode which works badly (or not at all). “Doesn’t work on Windows XP” another joke. By the way, here’s what to do if Elden Ring doesn’t recognize your controller.

A user also regrets cooperative mode, catastrophic in his view. The snakultimate user thus rails against “a system so capricious that joining a game becomes an ordeal”. In the same way, the content of the title, its very essence, is sometimes criticized.

Even if it’s off topic, because subjective, some regret too easy a game. “It’s an easier game than its predecessors, apart from a few bosses. On the other hand, the formula has been enriched with a few additions, but for the most part quite anecdotal,” says AL3XD, for example.

But why this difference between the opinion of the players and that of the specialized press?

Once again, the gap that separates the opinion of players from the specialized press raises a question. A question that torments us almost every AAA game release. Our colleagueson the side of the specialized press do they actually test their games before giving their opinion?

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In addition to the review bombing that some games suffer, often for political reasons, the question really arises, since it is not the first time that we find such big differences between the opinion of the players and the opinion of the press.

Elden Ring's Dithyrambic RatingsFor many colleagues, Elden Ring deserves full marks © u/GuIVtrue on Reddit, FromSoftware

We all have the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in mind. Remember. At the time, the specialized press was, again, completely dithyrambic. Gameblog, for example, gave it 10 out of 10 when it was released in 2020… On PC! The test is still online. However, the title was riddled with problems, even if these concerns did not concern only the optimization on PC. The recently released patch 1.5 has nevertheless fixed a lot of things.

Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 aren’t the only ones. Battlefield 2042 received a rating of 18 out of 20 from jeuxvideo.com. However, and even if too many zeros come to weigh down the average, the rating of the players is 5.8 out of 20. To make matters worse, Battlefield 2042 is even one of the most poorly rated games in the history of Steam . This is just one example among many.

If we only take the PC into account, how is it possible to miss optimization in a test ? To be so ecstatic, when the game is difficult to play, even on large configurations? One wonders. And you, what have you thought of the game so far, do you manage to run it on your machine?

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If Elden Ring ranks 97 out of 100 on Metacritic, player feedback will be allowed from February 26 at 9 p.m. on the platform. And we still can’t wait to see if there will be a difference.

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