Elden Ring: players eliminate the first boss supposed to be immortal

The Grafted Offspring is the first boss in the game. As the story unfolds, the creature is supposed to kill the player. But some have managed to eliminate it.

Elden RingElden Ring © FromSoftware

Elden Ring captures the attention of all gamers. If the reviews between the players and the press differ, it is clear that the latest hit from FromSoftware is talked about. And as always when a new Souls-like is born, some players are more talented than others. Speedruns and other feats are already starting to appear on the web. Among them, several people share videos during which the first boss of the game is defeated. Except that normally, it’s not supposed to be the case!

The Grafted Offspring must not be killed

Elden Ring requires you to lose the fight against the game’s first boss, the Grafted Spawn. A multi-limbed juggernaut meant to crush players into certain death. Except that shortly after the release of Elden Ring, players share a nice achievement. That of defeating this creature supposed to eliminate them instantly.

This feat is all the more impressive because in the game’s plot, you’re supposed to be transported to a new place. Your character then receives items needed for the rest of the adventure.

But what happens if the transplanted Offspring is knocked down? Absolutely nothing. You cannot keep or use the weapon he drops. No matter what, the player must die to start the story.

And this unusual story is not a first for FromSoftware…

A similar case with Bloodborne in 2015

When Bloodborne came out in 2015, players manage to defeat the first Werewolf. Except that the creature must eliminate the protagonist to continue the adventure. As with Elden Ring, the plot transports you to a world with items needed as a result.

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Years later, the pattern repeats itself. Never underestimate the players. Some can move mountains with undeniable talent. As for FromSoftware, the Japanese studio believes that Elden Ring represents its greatest work, just that!

Source: Gamesradar

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