Elden Ring: if you zapped this NPC, you play in hardcore mode

You’ve been playing Elden Ring for a few minutes or even a few hours and the difficulty seems a little higher than expected? It may be normal: you must have missed this NPC at the very beginning of the game, which gives you an extremely important object for the future.

Renna © FromSoftwareRenna © FromSoftware

Elden Ring seems awfully hard to you? Maybe it’s because you are missed this extremely important NPC, at the very beginning of the game. Indeed, if Renna’s name means nothing to you, it is because you have excluded from a whole set of abilities, without even knowing it. Worse still, the way to rectify the situation is not that obvious… But rest assured, we will explain to you what to do if you are in this case.

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Elden Ring: if you miss this NPC, the game will be much tougher

After obtaining the Spectral Steed Whistle from Melina, you are supposed to return by night to the Church of Elleh to meet Renna the Witch. During the dialogue with her, agree to give your identity for her to offer you the Spiritcaller Bellan indispensable tool for summoning spirits.

the Spiritcaller BellThe Spiritcaller Bell © Elden Ring, Millenium

Skip Renna and the game won’t do you any favours.. This is, at least, the experience that your humble servant will have had, who will have spent the first hours of the game without lugging around this summoning bell. And as much to say it right away, playing Elden Ring without this object spices up the challenge a bit. The Spiritcaller Bell is, indeed, a capital object since it allows you to summon the spirits contained in the ashes.

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The location of the Church of Elleh © Capture Elden RingThe location of the Church of Elleh © Capture Elden Ring

How do I get the Spiritcaller Bell without seeing Renna?

Well, don’t worry, there is a way to get the Spiritcaller Bell, even if you missed Renna at the start of the game. To do this, keep playing — Melina will appear once you’ve played enough of the game, and will teleport you to a place called io Round Table Stronghold.

In this place you can find the Carcasses of the Servants Twins, a merchant (well, two merchants, per se). You should theoretically be able to redeem the Spiritcaller Bell for 100 runes. Hallelujah! Besides, these two vendors will offer you to buy the Lone Wolf Ashes (which Renna is supposed to give you as well). So you can finally enjoy the game as it should. Or not, at your convenience.

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