Elden Ring: how to get the Game of Thrones easter egg?

George RR Martin contributed writing to Elden Ring. As a nod, the developers integrated a sword modeled after the Iron Throne design into the game. Here’s how to get your hands on it.

Image 1: Elden Ring: how to get the Game of Thrones easter egg?The “Grafted Blade Greatsword” in Elden Ring – Credits: YouTube Screenshot 100% Guides / From Software

FromSoftware collaborated with George RR Martin to put together Elden Ring. The author of Game of Thrones notably helped to establish the backstory of the story, the universe and the characters of the RPG. To pay homage to him, the developers were keen to integrate an easter egg referring to Game of Thrones. They thus modeled a sword named “Grafted Blade Greatsword”. And recovering it is far from being a way of the cross.

To do this, you must go to the south of the Weeping Peninsula in order to challenge Leonine Misbegotten. This boss is domiciled in the castle of Morne, on a quasi-island located at the back of the building by the sea. It will therefore be necessary to cross the castle full of enemies before being able to reach the antagonist. To restore your health and save your progress, you can take refuge in the many grace sites along the way.

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Elden Ring: an easily collectable “Iron Throne” sword

Despite its scary appearance, this boss isn’t as bad as it looks and you shouldn’t have too much trouble knocking it down. However, if you are struggling to neutralize it, this YouTube video explains how to overcome it easily:

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After beating him, you’ll get the Grafted Greatsword, a weapon made of multiple swords bonded together like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Enough to do justice to George RR Martin while From Software recognized that the characters of the writer had been profoundly modified. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be patient before being able to handle the swordfish with a grafted blade, the sword requiring to have 40 in force and 14 in dexterity. Note that it is also possible to use it with two hands with only 30 strength.

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