Elden Ring: George RR Martin welcomes good reviews

George RR Martin, writer for Elden Ring, speaks out on his blog and raves about the positive reviews!

Elden RingElden Ring gets great reviews © FromSoftware

Elden Ring has been attracting the attention of gamers around the world since its release. Players so passionate that some even manage to defeat the first boss that is supposed to bring you down in combat. And if the community appreciates this experience of From Software so much, it is in particular by its universe. George RR Martin, to whom we owe Game of Thrones, participates in the writing of mythology. Inevitably, the author takes the floor to comment on the phenomenal release of Elden Ring. On his blog, the latter speaks of a “masterpiece”, just that!

Positive reviews hailed by Elden Ring author

George RR Martin often speaks on his blog. And inevitably, impossible for the author to escape the Elden Ring frenzy which benefits from a demake. A game that the man co-wrote with From Software. And in bulk, the latter speaks of a game that we see “once in a generation”, a “masterpiece (…) beautiful and brutal (…) a sumptuous open world” citing press reviews. Also on his blog, George RR Martin reveals that he sent his writing for From Software years before its release. The studio took care of the rest.

The author states: “Video games are as important as movies these days (more important, in fact) and take just as long to make.” The author claims to have had a “small part in the creation of the world of Elden Ring”. For the man, good reviews are a pleasure to read.

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A good critical reception since its release

Image 1: Elden Ring: George RR Martin welcomes good reviewsReviews are generally positive © FromSoftware

Elden Ring has been a hit since its launch. On Metacritic, title rating varies between 95 and 97 out of 100 depending on the platform. The PS5, whose Pro version reveals its secrets, gets the highest score. With this new experience, From Software does not lower the difficulty but wants to reach more players. There is no doubt that the studio will have to be counted on for this new generation of consoles.

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