Elden Ring: a first update on PC corrects performance problems

Elden Ring, the new flagship game from FromSoftware, is a real hit, but performance problems on the PC version have marred its launch. A patch quickly fixed most of the bugs.

The PC version of Elden Ring divides the community. While the game is getting almost perfect scores from all of the specialized press, it seems that optimization problems have spoiled the experience for some players.

Image 1: Elden Ring: a first update on PC fixes performance issues

Since its launch yesterday, Elden Ring has received massive critical acclaim overall, but not every release has been so well received by players. Indeed, if you go and read the reviews on Steam, you’ll quickly find that many players are complaining about stuttering issues on the PC version.

Other players have also reported issues with connecting controllers. If you are concerned by these problems, you can consult our guide which will give you some solutions for connecting your controller.

A patch has just fixed the stuttering problems, but other problems persist

Shortly after its release yesterday, Elden Ring received a first patch (v1.02) which fixed a lot of the stuttering issues that players had been experiencing, but it looks like other issues still haven’t been fixed.

Publisher Bandai Namco addressed the issues with the PC version of Elden Ring in a blog post this morning, saying thata patch will be deployed soon to fix all other bugs. We can cite in particular framerate issues, mouse sensitivity, but also a rare issue where “easy anti-cheat” does not launch.

“We will constantly work on improving the game so that it can be played comfortably on different PC environments and platforms,” the studio announces. Additionally, the developer notes that they are “working on a few other bug fixes” and some performance improvements when starting the game, while apologizing for any inconvenience caused to the players. While waiting for the update, you can go find out how players managed to eliminate the first boss that was supposed to be immortal.

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