Does Street Fighter 6 reveal Ryu’s gender in its trailer?

A new particularly childish debate “swells” around the teaser of Street Fighter 6 and this one once again concerns the protagonist of the series, Ryu. If the fact that he now wears sandals has already made the community react quite a bit, a new detail, which is hidden under his belt this time, is making people talk.

street fighter 6Street Fighter 6 © Capcom

Everyone has heard of the newly announced street fighter 6, the next fighting game from Capcom. And what to say about it, except that the announcement and the teaser that accompanies it do not stop talking.

Yesterday, we mentioned for example the fact that the logo of Street Fighter 6 will have cost 60 € to Capcom, who found it on a simple image bank. Today, the community brought the debate around a new topic, which happens under Ryu’s belt.

Do you also see Ryu’s gender in the Street Fighter 6 trailer?

The (very lackluster) Street Fighter 6 teaser includes a lot of plans with Ryu, one of the main protagonists of the franchise. Which is quite normal. But one of the shots in this teaser, where we see Luke Sullivan on the left and Ryu on the right, has us a little caught in the eye.

Do you see it too, or is it a collective hallucination?

street fighter 6The “dick print” as the English say, of Ryu in the Street Fighter 6 trailer © Capcom

As mentioned by our colleagues at Kotaku, it has a name in English: the dick print, which would almost do without translation into French. But we could however translate the term as “seeing a penis through clothes”, if you want.

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On Twitter, fans are having a blast. “Since we see Ryu’s penis through his clothes, I hope it won’t be the case for Ken. I wish Ryu had a canonically bigger penis than Ken,” one said. “Do you think that’s the same guy who did Ryu’s toes?” said the other. Extensive debate.

That detail aside, we can’t wait to hear more about Street Fighter 6. Capcom said more information will be coming out about the game from this summer 2022, so be patient. And if you missed the teaser, here it is (with the timestamp set to the right time, of course).

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